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Meifeng The Sky Serpent of the Opal Plains Art Print (Autographed)

Meifeng The Sky Serpent of the Opal Plains Art Print (Autographed)

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Meifeng The Sky Serpent of the Opal Plains
by Isabella Bunny Bennett

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The Sky Serpent of the Opal Plains

One of the oldest dragon stories is the tale of Meifeng, The Sky Serpent. Long ago, when the resource rich plains of the Eastern Kingdoms were still home to a vibrant and thriving empire, Empress Meifeng ruled over the lands as the puppet master behind her long-deceased father.

Meifeng was a master of illusion and wind. And one of the first students to attend Scholomance. As a young girl she studied alchemy and the ether, and became greatly adept at manipulating the magics of the world. In her ripe age of 32, she controlled her empire, posing as her father who had died during the Oil Wars. Meifeng honed her ability to shapeshift, and as such could puppet the entirety of the east with deception and power. At the height of her power though, the culmination of a taint long brewing plunged the Kingdoms into darkness.

When Raviknah fell, her severed head was cast from the west and thrown into the heart of Goria, the land of the giants. The Eastern Kingdoms were their neighbors. And the lands were never the same again. Goria and all that surrounded it was slowly corrupted for hundreds of years as Raviknah grew in power.

The nightmare that awoke Meifeng one autumn night was a shadowy serpent made of smoke who flooded the Empress’ head with visions of war and a dark future for all of mankind. Meifeng rose in fear of these things yet to pass, but she rose transformed into a monster.

Raviknah poisoned Meifeng with her darkness, transforming the Empress into a great serpent like herself. Raviknah demanded she serve her as her right hand and command her army of giants. In exchange she would let her take human form again. Meifeng had no choice but to heed her new dark master. Her Kingdoms eventually fell to the corruption of giants, storm, and fire by her own hand. Through fragments her people moved on, but the horror of the Sky Serpent became legend. The howling wind, the spears of lightning. The insatiable maw of terror.

At one time Meifeng was considered a just and kind ruler, despite her magical influences. But as a dragon, she became a creature of greed and gluttony.  It is rumored she can once again take human form, and the ancient Empress walks the world once more... whispering with her forked tongue into the ears of men and turning them to the darkness.

As the winds howl and Raviknah stirs, Meifeng has chosen her side. She serves the Dark Serpent, and one day they will both consume the world in storm and chaos.

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