Isabella Bunny Bennett

Orina the Albino Gargantuan of the Hollowed Halls Art Print (Autographed)

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Orina the Albino Gargantuan of the Hollowed Halls
by Isabella Bunny Bennett

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Orina the Albino Gargantuan of the Hollowed Halls

Orina was once the Bronze Gargantuan Dragon, one of three guardians over the realm of men. Orina, Vexthra, and Ravikna protected mankind with their affinity to the light and the arcane.

Vexthra was Orina’s mate, and The Gold Gargantuan. Ravikna was The Silver Garantuan, and she grew jealous of the gold and bronze dragon’s affections.

When Ravikna darkened and ate Vexthra’s heart, the decimation nearly wiped out most of humanity. Orina, the last surviving Gargantuan, assisted the human kingdoms as best she could, but was ultimately corrupted by her own grief. Retreating under the Eastern Peak, it would be a hundred years before anyone knew what became of her.

Orina spent her time under the mountain carving out the interior belly. There, she slumbered for decades, dreaming of the heavens and of her fallen love. She soon discovered that she had been cut off from the light.. There were no gods, there was nothing holy; there was only darkness in Ravikna’s wake. In the shadow she found a vision of horror from across the stars: A great withering of the universe by the hands of dark gods, served by Ravikna and a growing number of dragons, creatures, and men. These forces turned their attention to the great bronze dragon, and with their ethereal gaze she received a sickening disease of the mind, which began to eat away at her.

Orina wallowed in misery under the mountain, desperately trying to regain her connection to the heavens and block out the terrors she had seen. It was in her struggle she drew up from the earth the ethereal ley lines under the Eastern Peak. She consumed their power, attaching her entire being to arcane veins of the world.

With her affinity towards magic and connection to the ley lines, she overcharged the rich veins of the world and created an arcane pulse the like which has never been seen since. It awoke magic sensitivity in generations of humans. The trickle is still felt to this day. Orina wanted to empower mankind to stave off the terror she had seen...but she hadn’t realized it was arcane magic itself in which the dark gods could thrive.

It was too late for Orina by then. And she knew it. The Wither Lords were speaking through the very ley lines under her, and their whispers rotted her mind. Carving deep protective runes into her bone and flesh did not stop her terrible visions... nor did plucking out her own eyes. Collapsing all entrances to her Hollowed Halls under the mountain did not protect us from the taint of the arcane. Dark wizards and magical plagues swept through the rise to werewolves, vampires, and the living dead.

The broken dragon spent the remainder of her waning sanity ensuring her great power would not be used for darkness. She warded herself in the Hollowed Halls with great magical barriers, and animated the mountain itself to keep her imprisoned. As a final act, she shattered the connections of ley lines to the world, cutting off mankind from all types of magic.

It would be many centuries before humanity would have even a sliver of the arcane power they once wielded...and even then, it would become the stuff of fairy tales and legend.

In our modern world we only know from stories that Orina tried to help the mages of Bliss in her right mind...but since The Shattering and the collapse of the ley lines, we have not heard from our fallen dragon.

Her last warning was to pray she never got out, for the creature she would become would not be a merciful and stoic protector of man...but a twisted parasitic arcane storm of chaos...