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Andronell The White Wyrm of Gabriel (Autographed)

Andronell The White Wyrm of Gabriel (Autographed)

$ 12.00

Signed 8.5 x 11 inch Art Print of Andronell The White Wyrm of Gabriel
by Isabella Bunny Bennett

Please specify the details if you wish to have the print personalized!

The White Wyrm of Gabriel

When Vexthra fell to Raviknah and had her heart stolen, The Council of Andronell intervened, fearing the fallen guardian rising to dark corruption. They severed Vexthra’s head and took it to the holy city of Andronell.

Sixteen there were. And The Council of Andronell were myths to even the folks in the city they resided. After all, they were a council of angels. Well, what we understand to be angels.

Angels are said to have fought with us in the Great Dracovian Wars: Eight foot tall, gold-armored onyx colored beings were barely a match for the demons they fought in that battle. But these angels were supposedly the last remnants of The Council of Andronell.

With Vexthra dead and Orina driven mad, the angel Gabriel devised a plan to imbue his power into the Vexthra’s head to create a weapon against Raviknah’s fury. The ritual took three sacrifices, and Gabriel’s flaming sword as the catalyst. The final sacrifice was Gabriel himself.

The White Wyrm of Gabriel was the product of desperation, but it was that desperation which burrowed into the heart of The Old Kingdoms and tore Raviknah asunder. Her head was tossed to the east, and the world breathed a weary sigh that the mad dragon was slain.

Not one to usually meddle in the affairs of man or angels, the ancient forest dragon of what we now call Bileroot Bog attacked the city of Andronell, threatening the lives of all its inhabitants unless she was allowed to destroy their holy abomination.

But the White Wyrm could not be killed even by the great forest dragon. Instead, four angels sacrificed themselves to forge chains to bind the monstrosity, and the forest dragon dug a massive prison in the forest to bury the beast.

Raviknah’s shadowy taint eventually corrupted the forest and its dragon, but much like the changed inhabitants and their queen of The Bileroot Bog, Andronell’s White Wyrm stayed to oppose the Shadow Serpent. However, much like the others were changed...The White Wyrm became a fragment of its former glory. The holy energy it once carried may have leaked into the forest, protecting from total corruption...or perhaps it has simply grown dim in the overwhelming shadow of Raviknah.

Either way, The White Wyrm has been unleashed, and will march with Wretchen and her kin against Raviknah. The world will tremble no matter the outcome.

The days are dark ahead reader. I wonder if all these entries will be lost to the ages, or will they serve someone centuries from now from new horrors plaguing the lands of Bliss.

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