Asanshen The Great Drake of the Eastern Peak Art Print (Autographed)

Isabella Bunny Bennett

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Asanshen The Great Drake of the Eastern Peak Art Print (Autographed)

Signed 8.5 x 11 inch Art Print of Asanshen The Great Drake of the Eastern Peak
by Isabella Bunny Bennett

Please specify the details if you wish to have the print personalized!

The Great Drake of the Eastern Peak

Asanshen. Son of Orina. Guardian of the East. The mountain with teeth.

When Orina, the Bronze Gargantuan retreated under the Eastern Peak, the last of her heavenly energies withered in the darkness. Fueled by old magics and arcane blood, Orina spent a thousand years gnawing on the ethereal fragments of magical energies. She ate her pain and gobbled up countless enchantments and spells and dimensions, and essentially cut off the veins of the ether to all of mankind.

She would one day gift her power back to the world, but under the mountain she remained in sorrow. Over the decades her power seeped into the earth until her home under the mountain had absorbed enough of her arcane energies, and was brought to life.

Asanshen is earth itself. He is an ancient mountain given life and purpose. As he rests, his form is nearly indistinguishable from the landscape, but when he awakens every hundred years or so, the mountains quake, tremble, and heave. And his form erupts from the side of the great peak with burning golden eyes. He is the ground and the rock. The stone and the mud. And were it not for him watching over his beloved mother beneath him, his influence might spread across the land, until the entire mountain range became but extensions of his form.

While his restraint of power may be considered admirable, It is uncertain where Asanshen’s loyalties lie outside of his eternal task. What is it? To keep his mother locked away in the darkness. By her own request. You see, before she went completely mad, she tasked him with imprisoning her to protect the world from her spreading taint. Not that it stopped her from causing havoc under the mountain however...for Orina’s great influence extends to all the magical energies. She is chaos and power...and only the mountain itself keeps her pinned and docile. He is a lonely, faithful guardian of immeasurable strength and size, but there are some who would contend with him.

Krel the Frost Wyrm shouts at Asanshen across the many miles between The East and Western Peaks. Krel’s harrowing screams beat down on the Great Earth Drake century after century, tempting him to give up his task and become inanimate rock once more. The Frost Wyrm of the Western Peak has his own agenda, and Krel will not rest until he and his brother Bryne consume Orina, the Arcane Source.

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