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Bryne The Leviathan of The Black Shores Art Print (Autographed)

Bryne The Leviathan of The Black Shores Art Print (Autographed)

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Bryne The Leviathan of The Black Shores
by Isabella Bunny Bennett

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The Leviathan of The Black Shores

Bootshire’s most skilled archer was prince Bryan, twin brother to Krel Asterford. Bryan was quite adept with a bow and arrow, but he wasn’t good at much else. Being a prince, his duties would be many, and his family worried putting the Kingdom into Bryan’s hands. Rivalry between Krel and Bryan flourished over the years as it became clear in King Asterford’s declining health that Krel would be king.

Tensions aside, the family had more pressing issues when the Draconians and their Bloodonyx drakes began their march to conquer the west, in service to the Dark Serpent Raviknah. Queen Asterford revealed to her sons their dragon lineage through her bloodline and encouraged them to seek Hypomia, The Violet Hydra to recover Raviknah’s dark heart and destroy it.

Learning their mother was a dragon definitely created trust issues in the twins. And they argued about whether they could trust their family. The boys set off into the Wicked Mountains with a thousand men- and all but they fled in terror or succumbed to the madness of Hypomia’s powers. Bryan and Krel were immune to the Hydra’s influences, but Hypomia devised a plan. Bryan was against her suggestion that he and his brother should consume the dark heart to gain the powers of Raviknah, but he eventually relented. The twins each ate half of the heart, and their fates were sealed.

Krel ate the icy half of Raviknah’s heart, and Bryan ate the half oozing with black bile. The following night Bryan’s stomach exploded in a literal sea of ebon, giving birth to The Black Sea.

When Krel climbed out of the dark waters, he thought his brother dead. He went on with the power of ice and storm to lay waste to his kingdom as a giant frost wyrm. He successfully destroyed the Dracovian army, but he slaughtered all of his people as well. King and Queen Asterford vanished in the chaos.

Bryan wasn’t dead, however. Instead, he found himself reborn as a great water wyrm, and spent decades terrorizing the oceans as an apex predator. Mighty sea serpents, krakens, and naval ships fell to his fury. The legend of “Bryne the Leviathan” spread across the land. Foamy bloody seas preceded each attack of the enormous pustulant, diseased dragon that oozed crimson.

When Krel heard the legends, he sought out his brother many years later, beckoning him into Raviknah’s service. Bryne the Leviathan resisted at first, but after a great battle, Krel The Frost Wyrm succumbed to his brother. Bryne joined his cause, but it would be on his terms. Today Bryne seeks to eat the heart of another dragon.The mad remains of Orina the Gargantuan are deep within the Hollowed Halls, and her arcane heart would make quite the meal.

Bryne does not wish to serve his brother’s master, but to consume the world himself. I do wonder where Krel’s loyalties lie now, but regardless if the world is cast into Raviknah’s shadow or if it is drowned in Bryne’s darkness...humanity does not fare well.

Our end will be all the same.

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